Hartford Contractors Insurance: Protecting Portable Company Assets


Hartford Contractors Insurance: Protecting Portable Company Assets Hartford Contractors Insurance Protecting Portable Company Assets

Hartford contractors face a myriad of risk exposures in their daily operations, but the most common risks involve transportation of employees, equipment and materials. Company property can be a huge financial investment, the loss of which could be devastating on a number of financial fronts. Not only would the property need replacing, but the potential loss of revenue and business from interruption could be disastrous. Luckily a variety of supplemental coverage can be obtained to secure a business’s portable assets from vehicles to machinery.

Trucks, flat beds, haulers and other construction vehicles used for business purposes can be covered by a Hartford Commercial Auto Insurance policy. Under a Hartford Commercial Auto Insurance policy any damage to vehicles, personnel, drivers or passengers in a vehicle used for business purposes including medical expenses.  Comprehensive coverage, collision coverage, uninsured motorist and non-owned vehicles can all be included provision to any Hartford commercial auto policy.

Commercial Auto insurance typically only extends to vehicles and occupants, essentially only securing half of your financial assets which could be damaged in an accident. Financial loss protection from damaged property being transported in a vehicle is not part of a standard auto liability protection plan. While general Hartford Property Liability Insurance coverage will protect your assets on your property, tools which are transported offsite generally fall into a coverage gap in a standard Hartford Contractors Insurance policy.

Hartford Inland Marine Insurance policies are designed to ensure that goods, tools, machinery and other expensive company property is protected from theft, damage and accidental loss which occurs while that property is in transit. For example, if a work truck carrying specialty equipment was involved in an accident and some equipment was broken as a result of the collision, contractors could seek financial compensation for the damaged property.

There are a number of specialty coverage options available through Sinclair Risk and Financial Management which can expand the total scope of the property liability protection afforded to your company resources. Our construction insurance specialists work with clients of all shapes and sizes and fully understand how to navigate the diversity of needs within this industry. Give us a call today at (877) 602-2305 to design a comprehensive Hartford Contractors Insurance plan tailored exactly to your business needs.