Insurance 101 for Construction Contractors

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Contractors meeting: learn Insurance 101 for Construction Contractors

Nobody knows details like contractors. Coordinating construction projects requires a heavy amount of your planning, delegation and supervision. Factor in liability, worksite hazards and insurance policies for various projects, and the details can get out of control. A coordinated, customized insurance strategy can help. But what’s available for contractors? This Insurance 101 for construction contractors lays it all out.

You Build, We Support

September 14–18 is Construction Appreciation Week, celebrating the people who build America. With years of experience working closely with clients in the construction industry, we’ve long been fans of these hardworking Americans.

To support them, we’ve designed a comprehensive insurance solution for construction contractors that addresses common concerns—risk management, workers’ compensation, builders risk insurance, general liability insurance, commercial auto insurance, umbrella insurance and surety bonding.

Your work involves risks and the threat of expensive lawsuits. An insurance partner with deep construction industry experience can help protect you.

An Insurance Toolbox Customized to You

Our risk management, loss control, and compliance and training services include features crucial to your industry:

• Onsite inspections and process reviews
• Asbestos and lead safety training
• State and federal OSHA support and training
• Construction safety training (forklift, excavation, etc.)
• EPA and DOT regulation support
• Claims management
• Safety incentive programs
• Safety manual review
• Support with HR policies
• Resolution of workplace issues

Those are just a few of the services we offer construction industry professionals during Construction Appreciation Week and every week of the year. Because every contractor’s projects are unique, a skilled and knowledgeable broker is a crucial asset during the insurance decision-making process.

Successful contractors look to Sinclair for insurance solutions. Want to determine which options are perfect for you? Let’s build something together—contact us today.