Connecticut Employee Benefits & Wellness: Communicate Through Change

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Connecticut Employee Benefits & Wellness Communicate Through ChangeConnecticut Employee Benefits & Wellness: Communicate Through Change

Especially with the upcoming healthcare reforms, employee benefits plans are going through some serious changes. It is essential to establish a strong line of communication. Employee benefits can be a great draw for employees, boosting loyalty and retention rates. However, if they are unaware or uncomfortable using the resources, both the business and employees miss out on a great opportunity. From wellness plans to employee health plans, here are some tips on how to communicate with your employees.

Position changes properly. Many employers will be making some changes to their benefit offerings in the next few years- it is essential to position these changes properly. It isn’t about lying or hiding the facts, but rather to make sure that you explain them thoroughly to employees so they understand and can take full benefit of them.

Wellness. Wellness plans can have multiple benefits. Among them, they help improve employee health which can boost retention, productivity and even lower health costs for employers. But these benefits are lost if employees don’t utilize the benefits. Wellness plans are useless if they aren’t backed up by strong communication initiatives. In-person meetings, newsletters with health & wellness tips, employee exercise programs, goal-setting, and follow-ups can all help employees follow through and utilize the benefits of wellness plans.

Choose the right medium. There are many forms of communication in today’s workplace. Email, meetings, face-to-face, social media, chat; it is essential that you choose the correct medium that your employees will respond to. Companies that are media-savvy might choose a Facebook group or text messaging to drive home the messages. Other companies might work better with traditional email. And sometimes, several communication mediums might be necessary. Try out several to see which options get the best response.

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