Connecticut Employee Wellness Plans: National Employee Wellness Month

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Connecticut Employee Wellness Plans National Employee Wellness MonthConnecticut Employee Wellness Plans: National Employee Wellness Month

June marks the National Employee Wellness Month. On its fifth anniversary, National Employee Wellness month aims to help business leaders learn how companies are engaging their employees to pursue healthy lifestyles. The goal of the initiative is to showcase how prevention strategies in a supportive social community such as the workplace can lead to multiple benefits including improved employee health and productivity, lower healthcare costs and an overall healthy workplace culture.

The workplace places a significant role in individuals’ daily lives, and employee benefits and wellness programs promoting a healthy lifestyle can have a considerable impact. In one survey, 87 percent of employees said they considered health and wellness offerings when choosing an employer. And 70 percent of employees say that wellness programs positively influence the culture at work.

The changes don’t have to be large scale. In honor of National Wellness Month, here are some tips on how employers can encourage a healthy workplace environment.

  • Cater meetings or events with healthy foods.
  • Organize a team for a local softball or rec sports league.
  • Coordinate workplace walking groups before, during lunch breaks, or after work; start lunch time boot camps with calisthenics.
  • Provide healthy eating resources to employees- you can look to various health organizations such as National Employee Wellness Month for a list of various resources.
  • Organize employee potlucks where everyone contributes a healthy recipe.
  • Post hand-washing reminders in the bathroom.
  • Provide healthy snacks for employees to munch on during office hours.
  • Implement an employee wellness plan at work.

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