Employee Wellness Plans: Heart Attacks Costly on all Sides

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Employee Wellness Plans Heart Attacks Costly on all SidesEmployee Wellness Plans: Heart Attacks Costly on all Sides

Heart attacks and cardiovascular diseases are tragic, costly, and painful. The goal of employee benefits and wellness plans is to reduce risk of chronic disease and improve employees’ health. But what exactly are the costs? Why are employee wellness plans so important?

According to Employee Benefit News, a study presented at the American Heart Association meeting in Los Angeles reported that every short-term disability claim cost employers about $7,943 on average in lost productivity. Long-term disability claims cost $52,473 on average. That’s approximately 60 days of work for short-term disability claims, and 379 days for long term claims.

Heart disease is the number one cause of death in the United States. Acute coronary syndrome costs Americans $150 billion on average. Of that group, 47% who have the condition are working adults under 65 years.  With its status as a top killer in the United States, heart disease is also one of the most preventable afflictions.

Wellness programs that help employees to reduce pressure, improve their diet, exercise more, and maintain their blood sugar levels can all help reduce the risk of heart disease. More than ever, employers are playing a crucial role in helping employees stay healthy and manage chronic diseases more effectively. Both the company and individual benefit from lower health costs and reduced absences.

Sinclair Risk & Financial Management is at the forefront of this approach, providing employers with a proprietary Wellness Program designed to promote health employee lifestyle choices along with a strategy to create and sustain these behaviors.

Wellness programs have significant benefits for employers and individuals, boosting retention and driving loyalty. Let Sinclair help enrich your benefits plan with a wellness program designed to promote your employees’ health. Contact us today for more information. (877) 602-2305