How to Implement a Successful Connecticut Employee Wellness Program

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How to Implement a Successful Employee Wellness Program Implementing a Successful Employee Wellness Program

Some businesses may eliminate their employee wellness program or avoid starting one all-together to control their finances, without realizing that poor health among employees causes work absence, which can cost two to three times greater than the direct medical expenses for companies. Integrating a wellness program into your employee benefits will be beneficial to both employee morale and your bottom line. So, how do you create an effective Connecticut wellness program?

Ensure That the Program is Comprehensive:  Cover all your bases. You should focus on healthy habits not only in the workplace itself, but also in the community. Consider creating a softball league or something similar for your office.

Encourage Employee Engagement: A recent Gallup study found that engaged employees are 21% more likely than disengaged employees to be involved in a wellness program offered by their company. Use social media tools such as Facebook to form teams, inspire each other to lose weight, challenge each other, and share healthy habits and recipes.

Market the Connecticut Wellness Program to Employees: Instead of just casually mentioning the program or putting a blurb in the company newsletter, make it a point to promote a culture of well-being around the office. Post flyers on bulletin boards, and consider sending weekly emails to share results and info.

Promote Healthy Eating: Encourage healthy snacking by bringing in fruit bowls or granola bars in place of the donuts and cookies you often see on the break-room table. If possible, consider organizing an after-work healthy cooking class for the office.

Promote Financial Health: You don’t have to stop at physical health. Teach your employees tactics and strategies to become knowledgeable savers, spenders, and investors.

Together with you, Sinclair can create a well-thought-out Connecticut Employee Benefits Plan that’s properly controlled, efficient, cost-effective, and individually tailored to the needs of your Connecticut business and your employees. Give us a call at 203.265.0996 to find out more about our successful approach.