How to Protect Your Second Home When You’re Not There

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You’ve finally purchased your vacation home! It’s states away in a city you always felt at peace in. You’ve furnished the place with all the best appliances and adorned it with your favorite art pieces to make it truly feel like your home away from home. A vacation property can be a wonderful investment, but no one wants to see this investment go down the drain in the event that something went south when you were away. If you find yourself concerned with security when you’re not in town, we have some tips for you.

Make sure your security system is up-to-date

Unlike your primary residence, you won’t be coming home each night to make sure everything is on the up and up. Secure the entire perimeter of your property for tip top safety. Make doubly sure that your security system is providing optimal coverage around-the-clock. There are mobile apps you can download right to your smart phone to check on your property in real-time so you never have to feel unsecured when you’re states away. Technology is better than ever today, so getting a hold fully loaded security system is easy and will ensure that there are eyeballs on your property at all times.

Keep your lights on

You may have noticed that big name stores like Whole Foods and Nordstrom keep the lights powered on even after business hours. This isn’t because they just want to waste electricity. They keep the lights on as a security measure. Security cameras perform much better with great lighting. Investing in an energy conserving light system to protect your property is a great tactic we can take away from retailers. Keeping the lights on also discourages strangers from trespassing.

Befriend your neighbors

It’s easy to view our second home as purely an outlet for peace of mind. Many of us don’t even think to get know our part-time neighbors. But befriending the lady next door is just as, if not more valuable than it is in your hometown. Find people you can trust in the area to keep an eye on your place when you’re not around. This reinforces all of your security measures two-fold.

Prepare for bad weather ahead of time 

Intruders aren’t the only ones that can impact the security of your home. Mother nature might have some tricks up her sleeve as well. If your second property is in an area that may be susceptible to inclement weather conditions, take all the necessary precautions to strengthen your property’s stability against a storm. Even if your second home isn’t in a town known for tornadoes and hurricanes, you should go in with the mindset that anything can happen. This is an investment you don’t want to skip out on as it can save you heaps of cash.

Link up with a Property Manager

If you second home is more than a hop, skip and a jump away from you, a property manager is 100% necessary. Employing someone to routinely inspect your home when you are unable to you will save you on time and trouble in the future.

If you’re thinking about buying a second home, you’re probably finding that there’s more to check off the list to get it done than expected. Reach out to our team and we can help you plan for this financial leap.

John Phillips
Risk Management Consultant

John Phillips