The Heat is On: Understanding Best Recruitment Practices

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recruitment practices

They say one bad apple can spoil the bunch, so it’s no secret that the quality of employees you hire can make or break your organization. With summer on the way and many companies already anticipating a busy season, you want to ensure your business has the best recruitment practices in place.

Don’t Get Burned—Learn How to Adapt and Implement New Hiring Trends

Finding top talent is critical to the success of your organization. 2019 brings new hiring trends that will significantly impact the recruitment process. If you don’t implement them, be prepared to be left behind. Here, we share with you five techniques for attracting the best employees:

  • Understand and promote your brand: Employees looking for a job want a reason to come work for you, so why not give one to them? Promoting your brand begins with establishing it. A strong logo and thoughtful mission statement, combined with specifying the value your company brings, will help resonate with job hunters. Make sure you are advertising across all social media channels to reach the largest audience possible. Once you meet face-to-face with a candidate, you need to know how to sell your business to them. Being able to express the key selling points of your organization is a must.
  • Get connected: We are a mobile society, constantly running in “go” mode. Successful recruitment is a full-time commitment, and often extends beyond the typical workday. You never know where you’ll be when you spot the ideal candidate and you want to be ready for that moment. Having the ability to access candidate profiles and data on your phone is a helpful tool and letting a candidate know you are available for questions can be a major selling point.
  • Drive candidates to your website: In the era of Google, everyone that does their due diligence researching a company will visit its website. By using ads, blogs, infographics and more, you increase the chances of driving a prospective candidate to your website. Inbound marketing techniques are a great way to help you not only find the right talent, but to get them interested in your brand.
  • Implement candidate filters: Sometimes less is more. If you have a stack of candidates to choose from, but many of them are underqualified or a poor fit for the culture, then their candidacy is a waste of your time. In order to be strategic about your filtering, take advantage of recruitment automation tools which help set search filters and expedite the process.
  • Impart candidate relationship management (CRM) tactics: A relatively new tool in the recruiter’s toolbox, CRM follows the candidate through the entire recruitment process and focuses on managing and improving relationships with current and potential job prospects.

Let the Sun Shine Down—On Recruitment Practices That Work

As temperatures start to climb, don’t get hot under the collar when it comes to your company’s recruitment practices. The human resources team at Sinclair Risk & Financial Management can provide you with the tools and strategies you need to ensure you hire top talent. Contact us today to learn more!