Aviation News: Boeing Boosts 777 Production


Aviation News Boeing Boosts 777 ProductionAviation News: Boeing Boosts 777 Production

Boeing recently ramped up the production rates for their 777, setting the fastest rate for a wide-body aircraft.

According to Aviation Week, a Korean Air Boeing 777F became the first airframe last week to go through the 777 final assembly line in Everett Washington since the production rate was increased. Previous production rates were seven aircraft per month; the new rates increases output to 8.3 aircrafts per month on average.

Boeing says the new rate is the highest ever for any wide-body aircraft, no easy task for the aircraft that has 50,000 subassemblies and approximately three million individual parts. A newly assembled 777 leaves the factory every 2.5 days on average, averaging about 100 completions per year.

The rate change has forced airline workers to improve the assembly process in order to meet the new production guidelines. Much of the faster production rate is attributed to new automated technologies and improvements based on suggestions from the workers on the assembly line. A new automated flex track systems for drilling holes has been introduced. Not only does it speed the drilling process, but eases physical strain on the mechanics.

The team also came up with new ways to wire the center aisle stand in the flight deck and under the pilot cabin. Where previously workers had to spend hours, even days stripping and sorting wires, the new bracket system comes with the wires pre-sorted. The new approach now takes minutes to install versus days.

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