Connecticut Aviation Insurance: Reducing Risks

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Many pilots and aviation experts will tell you that the key to aviation safety is experience. They’ll say that experience is hands-down the best teacher, and that the learning pilot faces elevated risks in the course of gaining experience. Of course, experience alone doesn’t ensure that you’ll never face a risk or a legal issue. Investing in Connecticut Aviation Insurance is the one true way to protect you financially from aircraft liability and aviation general liability.

There are still steps that pilots can take though, to manage risk wisely. They can do so by developing a set of policies to implement when risks are unavoidable. Risks can be described as the product of a known threat weighted against the probability of that threat occurring. Common risks in the aviation industry include a student pilot making a mistake and running the plane off the runway, or crashing. Risks could also involve workers compensation issues with airline employees.

So what are some ways to potentially reduce risks as a pilot in the aviation industry?

Expect the worst. It’s always best, in any industry, to ask the “what if…” question.

Weigh each risk area according to your experience. If you’ve recently flown at night, a new route in the dark would probably pose less risk than for a pilot who hasn’t flown at night lately.

Prepare for risks. This may mean checking the function of every light on your aircraft if you are flying at night, or checking the validity of your GPS database.

Establish your limits. This means looking at your experience and how capable you’ll be in certain conditions, such as inclement weather, longer cross-country legs, or on a shorter runway than normal.

These are just a few tips that are recommended by the Aviation Safety Magazine. They also suggest only tackling one new thing at a time right down to your choice of charts and plates, preparing to adjust for any changed weather conditions, and knowing when the weather is just too bad to risk a flight.

At Sinclair Risk & Financial Management, we understand that the Aviation industry requires a high level of specialty expertise, global reach, and access to insurance markets and underwriting capacity to address the needs of the complex exposures that this dynamic sector faces. We offer Connecticut Aviation Insurance Coverage as well as customized safety and loss control services and Risk Management services for our clients. Please contact us for more information at (877) 602-2305.