Sexual Harassment Training & Prevention Videos

Connecticut law is clear: Employers are required to complete sexual harassment training and offer the same to their employees. As a resource for our clients, we offer convenient and comprehensive videos that provide the state-mandated training. The videos include details about the law, employers’ legal responsibilities and how to recognize, assess, report and prevent sexual harassment in the workplace. Each section also provides quizzes to review and reinforce the details of the law.

The links below will bring you to the training videos. You may use the form below to submit any questions about the videos or about sexual harassment training in general.

Video Content

Section One

  • Overview of video sections
  • Introduction to Connecticut’s sexual harassment training laws (Time’s Up Act)
  • Employers’ responsibilities
  • Definition of sexual harassment
  • Types of sexual harassment (quid pro quo and hostile work environment)
  • Negative impacts on victims

Section Two

  • How to recognize and assess sexual harassment behavior
  • Reasonable Person Standard
  • Protected classes by law
  • Types of harassers
  • More examples of sexual harassment (verbal and nonverbal)
  • Legal remedies

Section Three

  • Confronting and reporting harassment
  • Employers’ responsibilities for harassment prevention and correction
  • Possible consequences for harassers
  • Legal liability for employers and employees
  • Common fears in reporting
  • Best practices for reporting, investigating and remedying harassment
  • Best practices for disciplining harassers

Section Four

  • Final quizzes
  • Summary
  • Case studies

If you have questions about sexual harassment, Connecticut law or these videos, please speak to your HR manager, or fill out the form below for a prompt response.