How to Get Your Truck Drivers to Actually Use Your Wellness Program

Jill GouletHealth Insurance, Risk Management, Trucking and Transportation, Workers Compensation

Truck drivers have unique health concerns. An NIOSH survey found that 50% are smokers and 70% are obese. They’re prone to heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney failure, back problems, and motor vehicle accidents related to fatigue and stress. These problems can lead to a loss of their Medical Examiner’s Certificate and their CDLs. You want your staff to … Read More

Long-Term Care Insurance: Not Just for the Elderly


Long-Term Care Insurance: Not Just for the Elderly Long-term care insurance is typically thought of as an insurance resource typically reserved for the elderly. According to Benefit News, the American Association for Long Term Care (AALTCI) is challenging that idea. The numbers understandable skew towards the elderly. However, many younger adults are taking advantage of long-term care benefits. The AALTCI … Read More