Are you Protecting Your Construction Business Properly?

Jonathan BelekBusiness Insurance, Construction

2016 is expected to be a strong, steady year of growth in the construction industry, with the 2016 Dodge Construction Outlook predicting that the U.S. construction starts for 2016 will rise 6% to $712 billion.  This environment is expected to be supported by the U.S. economy, with relaxed lending standards and support from state and local construction bond measures.  And … Read More

What are Middlesex County Surety Bonds?

EditorBusiness Insurance, Risk Management

What are Middlesex County Surety Bonds?  Surety Bonds are important tools used in many industry sectors to mitigate risk and ensure that contractual obligations are fulfilled. While many professionals understand the value and necessity of this form of financial protection, few understand what a surety bond truly is and how the process works. One of the most important things to … Read More

How Risk Management and Risk Analysis Works

EditorRisk Management

How Risk Management and Risk Analysis Works A few factors that contribute to business risks include uncertainty in financial markets, threats from project failures at any phase, legal liabilities, credit risks, accidents, or even events of uncertain or unpredictable root-causes. Risk management ideally will prioritize the risks, placing those with the greatest loss or impact and the greatest probability of … Read More