Contractors – The fine print on Waivers of Subrogation

Jonathan BelekBusiness Insurance, Construction, Risk Management

Your firm gets tapped to build a brand new office building in a promising location. The budget is high and the timeline reasonable. You can’t wait to sign the contract and get started. That “Waiver of Subrogation” it includes? You’ve seen it before and haven’t thought too much about it, as it seems to be becoming standard boilerplate. But just … Read More

Franchise owners: The secrets to managing Millennials!

Matt BauerBusiness Insurance, Human Resources, Risk Management

It’s no secret that one of the challenges of launching and maintaining a successful fast food franchise is attracting and retaining quality employees. Turnover in the restaurant business is rampant. Half of a fast food restaurant’s staff will leave within a year, and casual dining establishments don’t fare much better at 44%. Combine this already tough landscape with the particular tendencies … Read More

Hartford Business Insurance: Executive Orders for Equal Compensation

EditorBusiness Insurance

Hartford Business Insurance: Executive Orders for Equal Compensation  In anticipation of the likely dismissal of his proposed compensation legislation up for discussion in Senate, President Obama is prepared to issue and executive order barring federal contracting organizations from prosecuting employees who discuss their pay. The order effectively eliminates punishment and retaliation for employee discourse about earnings, in hopes of generating … Read More