Food Safety: How to Protect Your Franchise

Kathy DouglasBusiness Insurance

Every day, stories about food safety issues dominate the headlines, from Chipotle’s famous contamination crisis to Dole’s bagged salad recall to the recent CRF Frozen Foods listeria scare. Contamination and illness issues present one of the greatest risks to the food industry. If you own a franchise, you may unexpectedly find yourself in the spotlight because of a foodborne illness … Read More

Franchise owners: 5 secrets to managing your Workers’ Compensation rates

Matt BauerBusiness Insurance, Employee Benefits, Human Resources, Workers Compensation

Nothing is worse than having an employee injured on the job. As a franchise owner you know injuries can happen. But when one occurs you’re left doing a balancing act, caught between assuring your employee gets the best care while trying to keep your workers’ compensation costs from spiraling out of control. The stress can be overwhelming. Here are 5 … Read More