High blood pressure — A hidden danger for your truck drivers

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If you’re running a logistics business or division, you know how important it is to have reliable and healthy truck drivers. Although most health conditions are easy to diagnose and treat, there’s one in particular that’s tricky to spot — High blood pressure. That’s because high blood pressure (also known as hypertension) often doesn’t show any symptoms, and that’s a … Read More

Employee Benefits: Financial Wellness

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The importance of Employee Benefits remains a crucially high priority business owners should provide for their employees. The Employee Benefit Research Institute conducted a study examining Americans’ satisfaction with health care. According to the EBRI, 69 percent of respondents reported that benefits were very important when choosing a job- another 20 percent indicated they were somewhat important. And health insurance … Read More

Small Businesses Fail to Notify Customers of Data Breach

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Small Businesses Fail to Notify Customers of Data Breach With the added convenience of online tools, going paperless also adds new risks for businesses. Data breaches are growing more and more common as companies take their operations virtual. According to Verizon Wireless’s 2012 Data Breach Investigations Report in 2012 there were 855 recorded incidents, totaling 174 million compromised records. Over … Read More

Connecticut Retirement Planning


Connecticut Retirement Planning People are living longer. It’s great. We are reaching old age in better health and increasingly can look forward to long, happy lives. But the extra years can be extra cost- how does living longer affect retirement planning? Over the past 170 years, in countries with the highest life expectancies, the average lifespan has grown approximately 2.5 … Read More

Business Insurance: Technology Distractions in the Workplace

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Business Insurance: Technology Distractions in the Workplace The day of a desk with just a single computer is no longer. Smartphones laden with apps, tablets, Kindles, and multiple desktop screens have taken multi-tasking to a whole new level. These are great improvements, but how much are we distracted by them? Are they really worth it? The Wall Street Journal recently … Read More

Flood Insurance: Rethinking Coastal Living?

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Flood Insurance: Rethinking Coastal Living? Homeowners in New York and New Jersey are still struggling to repair homes and businesses damaged by Hurricane Sandy. However, aside from clearing all the debris, there is something else to consider when rebuilding; the impact of the storm on coastal living and flood insurance. It has led many to question the wisdom of building … Read More

Lessons from Sandy: Protect Your Valuables with Private Client Group Insurance

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Lessons from Sandy: Protect Your Valuables with Private Client Group Insurance Superstorm Sandy caused devastating wreckage across the East Coast. As businesses are beginning to recover their losses and rebuild, the art industry has been hit particularly hard. The damage shows the importance of protecting your high end valuables with private client group insurance.  Fine art insurers are facing claims … Read More

United States Still Holds Manufacturing Sway

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United States Still Holds Manufacturing Sway It’s been said that American manufacturing is on the decline. But, that’s not true for certain industries according to the Wall Street Journal. The United States remains a global leader in manufacturing some of the world’s biggest products. Caterpillar inc, makes it’s large mining trucks in Illinois, despite the face that most of them … Read More

Manufacturing: What is Crowdfunding?

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Manufacturing: What is Crowdfunding? The idea of crowdfunding is simple. Large groups of people contribute small amounts of money for a project. Yet, this simple idea is fast taking hold of the business world, and could change the face of manufacturing. Take Kickstarter for example. An online phenomenon, Kickstarter is a venture capital site that helps inventors, artists, designers, etc, … Read More

Employee Wellness Plans: Heart Attacks Costly on all Sides

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Employee Wellness Plans: Heart Attacks Costly on all Sides Heart attacks and cardiovascular diseases are tragic, costly, and painful. The goal of employee benefits and wellness plans is to reduce risk of chronic disease and improve employees’ health. But what exactly are the costs? Why are employee wellness plans so important? According to Employee Benefit News, a study presented at the … Read More