Connecticut Aviation Insurance: Aviation Maintenance Risks


Connecticut Aviation Insurance: Aviation Maintenance RisksĀ Connecticut Aviation Insurance Aviation Maintenance Risks

In a recent post we broke down some of the basic types of aviation insurance, particularly as they apply to aircraft owners. However, aircraft owners are only a small portion of the aviation industry. This post is designed to explore Connecticut aviation insurance as it pertains to those who design, assemble and maintain aircrafts and the risks these entities face through the course of their operation.

There is a substantial amount of risk involved with working in the aviation industry. For pilots there are the risks that accompany operating an aircraft, for airlines there are risks involved with coordinating travel and being responsible for the safety and wellbeing of travelers and workers, and those who create and maintain the aircrafts often face one of the largest liability risk exposures in the industry through the course of their daily operations. It can easily be argued that the fate of the entire aviation industry depends on the quality of aircraft products and services provided by aircraft manufacturers, suppliers and mechanics. A faulty part or improper mechanical care can not only be harmful for businesses, it can cost lives.

According to the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), system and component failures are among the most common causes of fatal aircraft accidents in the U.S. across various sectors of aviation. Mistakes made while preforming aircraft maintenance and inspection procedures continue to result in aircraft accidents and fatalities which could often be prevented otherwise. Each year the NTSB investigates some 1,500 general aviation accidents alone and dozens more airliner incidents. The NTSB offers a list of resources to help aviation mechanical professionals avoid many common pitfalls in an effort to improve aviation and aircraft safety.

A lot can go wrong in the aviation industry but with the risk management tactics and solutions, aviation mechanics and manufacturers, airliners and pilots can rest easy knowing that their operations are secured. AtĀ Sinclair Risk & Financial Management, our Connecticut aviation insurance specialists possess the necessary intricate understanding of the industry and its niches, to provide unparalleled aviation insurance and risk management solutions. We can help secure a comprehensive commercial insurance package containing the right liability coverage tailored to the specific needs of your aviation operation. Give out Connecticut Aviation Insurance specialists a call today at (877) 602-2305 to learn more about how we can help you.