Connecticut High Value Home Insurance: When to Hire a Professional


Connecticut High Value Home Insurance When to Hire a Professional Connecticut High Value Home Insurance: When to Hire a Professional

Summer is a great time for home improvement projects. And nothing brings a proud homeowner more satisfaction that completing their own home improvement DIY projects. But while simple paint and spackle touch-ups are well within every homeowners’ skill sets, not all of us have the knowledge necessary to tackle large-scale home projects. So how do you decide when to hire out professional help and when to DIY it?

Homeowners tend to be more adventurous and successful finishing smaller projects. Plumbing fixture replacements, bedroom & rec room renovations, painting and basic repairs are all pretty common improvements that homeowners will tackle themselves, according to the National Association of Home Builders. Kitchen remodels, replacing roofing and internal projects such as electrical system, appliances and anything that requires technical training and/or licensing is typically left to professionals.

Another reason why homeowners choose to DIY is cost. However, it pays to do a quick cost analysis before you make that assumption. While you might save on labor costs, the materials, tools and time it takes to do a DIY project may not make it worth it. Especially since professionals tend to get better pricing and already have the tools necessary, it could end up being even more expensive.

And of course, you have to ask yourself if you enjoy doing them. Home improvement DIY projects aren’t for the faint of heart. Some can be difficult, time-consuming and messy. If DIY isn’t your thing, it may be worth it to hire a professional.

And, of course make sure with any big home additions or DIY projects you make sure your home insurance covers it. Sinclair Risk & Financial Management offers selected programs designed exclusively for our affluent clientele and their high value homes. These homeowners programs provide higher limits and broader coverage than standard policies and are designed for houses worth millions that often include expensive furnishings and cutting edge technology and equipment. Contact us today for more information. (877) 602-2305.