Connecticut Restaurant Insurance: A Restaurant’s Biggest Risk


Connecticut Restaurant Insurance A Restaurant's Biggest RiskConnecticut Restaurant Insurance A Restaurant’s Biggest Risk

Throughout Connecticut there is an abundance of eateries, taverns, bars, pubs, diners & restaurants, but for the majority of these Connecticut restaurants they don’t understand their biggest risks. But what risks do Connecticut restaurants face when they operate to the public?

In general, Connecticut Restaurants face unique exposures. Whether your restaurant has a Michelin star or a four-star review, understanding these exposures can be key to prevent losses.

First, you must evaluate your current risk. Every restaurant experiences different risks. One great example of this is a restaurant that may also operate as a brewery. One of the best ways to evaluate your risks is through your local Connecticut insurance agent. At Sinclair Risk & Financial Management, our expertise in the hotel, restaurant and hospitality industry can help you uncover your risks.

In general, here are some risks that your restaurant may face: Does your restaurant make deliveries? Do employees use their own vehicles? Do you provide valet service? Understanding your risks could help your operation prosper.

Although same-level falls rank second among the top 10 causes of serious workplace injuries, it’s not your biggest risk.

One of the biggest risks are your patrons. Operating a Connecticut bar or restaurant can experience issues with customers. One of the most common E&O claims for restaurants, taverns or bars involve assault and battery. It is critical that your Connecticut restaurant insurance policy covers all possible scenarios and protect your customers, employees and establishment.

Most of all, never assume you have adequate insurance coverage. Most General liability policies cannot cover all exposures your restaurant may face. If not properly addressed, your restaurant could be facing significant liability.

Sinclair Risk & Financial Management has innovative insurance and risk management solutions for food and beverage manufacturers, processors, packers, and distributors, in addition to restaurants. For more information about out Connecticut restaurant insurance programs, please contact us at (877) 602-2305