CT Yacht Insurance: Preparing Your Boat for Spring


CT Yacht Insurance Preparing Your Boat for SpringCT Yacht Insurance: Preparing Your Boat for Spring

It’s been a long, harsh winter for many residents on the East Coast and the Midwest in 2014. With Spring finally here, many Connecticut residents can’t wait to get their yachts back out on the water so they can enjoy the warming temperatures. Are you ready to get your boat running yet though? It’s important to know how to property maintain your yacht, especially after it’s been stored away for winter. Of course, you’ll be financially protected from damage with the right CT Yacht Insurance policy, however surely you’d like to avoid damage or injury as much as possible!

One factor you’ll want to look into right away is making sure that your boat registration is up to date, including hull identification decals. Be sure to check and see that your current fishing license is up to date as well, and check that anyone who will be fishing on your boat has an updated license. The next thing you’ll want to check is to make sure you have the appropriate amount of safety gear. This includes ensuring that your life jackets still fit any children that will be on board.

With those two items out of the way, here are additional guidelines provided by DiscoverBoating.com to follow when preparing your yacht for its Spring launch.

Inspect the Fuel System and Check Belts, Cables, & Hoses

In addition to making sure that the engine, exhaust, and ventilation systems are all functioning properly, you’ll want to look for evidence of damages fuel hoses such as softness, brittleness or cracking.

Inspect the Electrical System and Fluid Levels

Inspect all electrical connections for cleanliness and tightness. Corrosion is often a sign that a connection might not be safe. Also, check your fluid levels. This will include engine owner, power steering, power trim reservoirs, and coolant.

Inspect Propellers & Hulls

If your propellers aren’t working correctly, they can cause unwanted vibration and damage to your drive train. Make sure the propeller is secured properly, and replace bearings when needed.

At Sinclair Risk & Financial Management, we understand how big of an investment your yacht is. Our specialists have years of experience with navigating through risks and policy features created to protect you and your yacht. We offer CT Yacht Insurance Coverage as part of our CT Private Client Group Insurance products. Please contact us today for more information at (877) 602-2305. 

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