High-End Home Insurance: Re-examine Your Coverage After Moving


High-End Home Insurance Re-examine Your Coverage After MovingHigh-End Home Insurance: Re-examine Your Coverage After Moving

Moving homes is an exciting and also highly stressful time. It requires a lot of work, planning and organization. Not to mention years and months of planning and preparation. As you upgrade to your new, beautiful home, make sure you take the time to have it fully assessed to get the best insurance protection possible.

High-end homes require highly specialized insurance not available in the usual standard policy. Sprawling penthouses, estates, ranches, coastal retreats all require high-end insurance to protect its valuable assets. Here are few other policies to keep in mind when moving into your new high-end abode.

Fine art insurance. Over the years, you may have amassed a beautiful collection of art that now graces your home. While your homeowners insurance may include a limited amount of coverage for fine art, it most likely will not be enough in the event your collection is damaged or stolen. A fine arts floater is a crucial aspect of an over high end home insurance program. It is also an aspect that can be easily overlooked.

Wine collection insurance. The same principles of insuring fine art apply to a high end wine collection. There are a number of mishaps that can occur, including losses due to a mechanical breakdown of heating, cooling or humidity control equipment or fire, theft flood and breakage.

Jewelry insurance. Jewelry is another overlooked item that is often inadequately insured in high end homes. What began as a few heirloom pieces has slowly increased in value over the years to be a beautiful, sentimental and substantial collection.

Fine art, jewelry and wine collections also must be periodically assessed to insure they are sufficiently insured to cover their current value. Insuring your gold jewelry for example, on a price assess 10 years ago, wouldn’t cover replacement costs in the market today.

Sinclair Risk & Financial Management offers selected programs designed exclusively for our affluent clientele and their high value homes. These homeowners programs provide higher limits and broader coverage than standard policies and are designed for houses worth millions that often include expensive furnishings and cutting edge technology and equipment. Contact us today for more information. (877) 602-2305