Home Insurance: Your Fall To-Do List


Home Insurance: Your Fall To-Do ListHome Insurance: Your Fall To-Do List

Fall is here and October is the perfect month to finish up on all those home improvement projects and to-do lists. Since summer is over and the kids are back in class, Zillow has provided some suggestions to your fall checklist (and an extra fall to-do tip about finding the best rate on your home insurance policy).

Fall Home Improvement Tip #1 – In the garden Add color to your garden. Maintaining your garden for fall may just be the important point to take from this post. By trimming back trees and bushes; not only will it reduce the amount of dead leaves on the ground, but it will help prevent any fire hazard which may occur, it will reduce the mess. Another important tip is to fertilize your lawn- it will provide your grass with the nutrients required for the winter.

Fall Home Improvement Tip #2 – Fall-seasonal jobs When fall rolls around, certain things should have to get done. Have your heating system serviced with a filter change. Basic heating maintenance will ensure you have a warm space once winter arrives. Drain the hot water heater and remove the sediment from the bottom of the tank.

Fall Home Improvement Tip #3 – Required Home maintenance Check the exterior of your home. Things such as worn shingles on the roof, leaks around skylights, vents, and chimneys can cause major headaches it not appropriately fixed. Areas to check for leaks include door and window frames, around heating units, and openings around drainpipes in bathrooms and kitchens. Lastly, clean out your gutters. Cleaning your gutters is one home improvement tips that will probably be the most disastrous if not taken care of.

Fall Home Improvement Tip #4 – How to organize your garage A Garage is not a synonym for storage space. It seems often enough that garages become the ideal spot for storage. Now is the time to restore order before winter so you can park your car somewhere warm. While cleaning out your garage, trash unnecessary items by indulging in a garage sale or donating it to charity.

Fall Home Improvement Tip #5 – Review your Homeowners Insurance Policy

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