How to Store Your Valuable Jewelry


How to Store Your Valuable JewelryHow to Store Your Valuable Jewelry

Investments such as fine art, an exotic car, or a jewelry collection will not always be covered by standard Wallingford, CT home insurance policies in the event of a disaster, which many individuals are not aware of.

In addition to having your valuable jewelry insured against theft, you’ll want to have it protected against damages as well. The most basic rule there is in terms of storing fine jewelry is to make sure that each item is isolated from the others.  Here are ways to properly store and protect your jewelry in order to maintain the value of your collection.

Jewelry Boxes: Many modern jewelry boxes are made for decorative purposes, but when looking for a jewelry box for storage purposes, make sure that the materials used to construct and line the box are in fact suitable for jewelry.

Travel Cases: These are individual jewelry cases, usually with a small handle and a lock, designed to fit into a handbag or carry-on luggage.

Jewel Caskets: These cases are used as presentation pieces to showcase either a single piece of jewelry or a matched set. Jewel caskets are often elaborate, becoming works of art in their own merit.

Ring, Bracelet, and Necklace Boxes: Keeping the original jewel boxes your item came in can be the easiest way to store the piece, and is ideal if your collection is small.

Pearl Folders: It’s a good idea to use the original package of leather or cloth to store your pearls, since these are relatively soft and fragile.

Jewelry Armoires: These are large, often wooden pieces of furniture with multiple drawers and compartments. These are ideal for large collections, and some may even be customized with special display lighting or hidden compartments.

Sinclair has knowledgeable professionals who possess many years of experience in insuring fine and heirloom jewelry. With a trained eye, they can expertly evaluate your fine jewelry assets to recommend the right coverage and limits, and assess the potential exposures around your home that may put your fine jewelry and heirlooms at risk, such as theft, water intrusion, light and heat damage, and fire. Give one of Sinclair’s professionals a call at 203.265.0996.