Maintaining Your Yacht


Maintaining Your Yacht Maintaining Your Yacht

In our last post we discussed what factors you should take into consideration when purchasing a yacht. In addition to having the right insurance coverage to protect your investment, you should also know how to properly maintain your vessel, so that you can enjoy it for years to come.

The most important thing you can do to help maintain your boat is to take a few minutes to check it out before your trip departure. Here’s a basic checklist.

  • Check the current weather forecast.
  • Check your fluid levels in the engine and bilges, fresh water levels, and check for any contamination.
  • Check battery levels, voltages, and check pump operation for fluids.
  • Check navigation lights and VHF radio.
  • Brief any new crew about using winches, moving around on deck, where safety items are, and how to use the head.
  • Walk around the deck and check boat hook, anchor, shackles, and halyards.
  • Start your engine and check exhaust water and gear operation before you drop the morning lines.

Regular servicing is another important factor when it comes to maintaining your yacht. Just a few of the services that are recommended annually include;

  • Engine Services and Sail Drive Services (per manufacturer’s recommendations)
  • Hull and Deck Polishing
  • Steering System Inspection
  • Battery Test
  • LPG System Check
  • Full Interior Detail/ Steam Clean and Scotch Guard
  • Bilge Clean

You may be surprised by how much just a simple washing on a regular basis can counteract the long-term effects of environmental wear and tear on your boat. Proper yacht maintenance will truly extend the life of your vessel, and reduce the need for costly repairs. Most importantly, it will help ensure boating safety.

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