Miami Construction Insurance: Trends in Home Building


FLORIDA CONSTRUCTION INSURANCE: TRENDS IN HOME BUILDINGMiami Construction Insurance: Trends in Home Building

Home construction and remodeling has been picking up speed in the wake of the recent recession. Due to this, modern home builders are getting creative about their craftsmanship and focusing on what their customers are looking for. Overall, home buyers today seem to be focusing on quality and value. Here are some current trends in home building that can significantly increase curb appeal and home value.

Energy Efficient and Eco-Friendly. Many homeowners are seeking long-term energy efficient solutions. Examples of this include the installation of occupancy sensors, systems that recover energy, high-efficiency heatng and cooling systems, and solar energy solutions.

Room to Grow. Today’s new homeowners aren’t looking for houses that they can sell for a profit in the near future. Instead, they’re looking for homes that their family can grow in for several decades. They want innovative spaces that allow for the simple integration of new technologies and building additions.

Connectivity. Modern homeowners want to be able to interact with their houses with a simple touch of a button, even when they’re away. The latest trends include the installation of standby generators that a homeowner can turn on or off from a computer or mobile device. Smart appliances are also in demand.

Knowing what modern home-buyers and homeowners are looking for can help your Miami construction firm attract and retain customers. At Sinclair Risk & Financial Management, our Miami, FL Construction Insurance specialists work with clients of all shapes and sizes and fully understand the diversity of this industry. To learn how we can best serve you, please contact us today at (877) 602-2305.