Middlesex County Contractors Insurance: Painting in Hot Weather


Middlesex County Contractors Insurance: Painting in Hot Weather
Middlesex County Contractors Insurance Painting in Unideal Weather

Working in the hot days of summer is no easy task for Middlesex County contractors and can turn many standard jobs into huge challenges. Not only can hot weather create health and safety concerns, sometimes it can actually compromise the outcome of your work as well. Painting for example is a temperature sensitive process where the integrity of the paints can vary base of thermal factors.

Temperature directly affects the quality, consistency and functionality of the paint and can create many hurdles during the application process. Cold temperature will affect the time it takes for the paint to dry, often causing cracking and uneven distribution as the paint can start to clump due to thickening. High temperatures can actually cause the paint to thin and bubble when applied to walls or other structures. When the layer of paint dries too rapidly do to the high temperatures, the chemicals in the paint do not have enough time to vaporize and thus become trapped between the film and the surface. Sometimes these bubbles are microscopic while other times they are large enough to view upon close examination. This process is called thermal blistering and it occurs when painting in high heat conditions, typically when the temperature is over 80 degree Fahrenheit. Humidity and moisture will also affect the smoothness and evenness of a coat of paint for the same reasons.

Not all paints are created equally. Manufacturers typically formulate paint for specific uses, locations and temperature ranges. Choosing the right paint for a project and using proper application techniques is essential to the achieving the a favorable outcome. Some manufactures make paint specifically designed for high and low temperature use, especially in areas were those weather patterns are more common. These products are crafted for the best performance under unideal temperature conditions.

When painting in hot weather there are a few ways to help achieve a more uniform paint coat. Working in shaded areas and adjusting as the sun shifts through the day will help minimize the direct sun exposure the paint receives allowing more time for the paint to dry naturally. Many professional and paint manufactures advise using a paint sprayer to achieve a more uniform coat and avoid highly concentrated areas. There are also hot weather paint thinners available on the market which can be utilized as well.

As a Middlesex County contractor your livelihood and reputation are at risk when working in less than ideal weather conditions. Weather will not only impact the outcome of your efforts but can pose health and safety risks to your workers as well.

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