4 Simple Steps to Utilize Pinterest For Restaurants


4 Simple Steps to Utilize Pinterest For Restaurants4 Simple Steps to Utilize Pinterest For Restaurants

A few weeks back, we discussed the value of Yelp as an internet marketing tool. This week, we’ll focus on Pinterest, one of the newest social media sites. Focusing on 4 simple steps to utilize Pinterest for restaurants

Think of Pinterest as a giant, multi-user scrapbook. People can “pin” various images to different boards, categorized whatever way they like. The boards cover everything from quotes and funny sayings to cars, design, and sports. So as a restaurant owner, why should you care about using Pinterest for restaurants?

Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social media platforms, boasting over 17 million users a month. Among users, Food & Drink rank as the second most popular categories, creating a great marketing opportunity for restaurant owners. Here are a couple tips on how to improve your restaurant’s Pinterest profile.

Pinterest Tip #1Keep your style consistent. What themes, style, and atmosphere have you created in your restaurant? What type of cuisine do you have? Is it casual dining? Slightly dressier? Is your establishment known for its amazing cocktails? What is your signature dish? These are all features that should be incorporated into your boards.

Pinterest Tip #2Post quality, and regularly. 80% of pins on Pinterest are repins. By posting original content you can generate more engagement and drive more traffic to your website. Make sure to post high quality photos.

Pinterest Tip #3Position your restaurant as a destination. Pinterest is like one giant wish list. People are constantly adding things they’d like to do, places to see, cool restaurants to try. If you position yourself as one of those destinations it can help drive traffic to your site.

Pinterest Tip #4Engage. Users can engage, comment, and talk with each other. Join the dialogue. Follow other people’s boards, or encourage them to add content to your board. You could have a fan board, where people upload pictures of themselves eating their favorite dish at your restaurant. Engage and communicate with your fans to get the best interaction on your site.

There are multiple ways to utilize Pinterest for restaurants as well as other social media sites.

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