Preserving Your Fine Art Collection



Protecting the high-value collections in your home with appropriate insurance coverage is imperative. However, with any big investment, you’ll want to physically shield it from damage as well. Here are just a few preventive and maintenance tips to preserve your fine arts collection.

Keep your home at a consistent temperature.  The ideal climate for valuable art is between 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit. To maintain this temperature near your art, it is best to place the piece in a location that is clear from any outside air flow passage. Relative humidity needs to be taken into consideration as well, since too much humidity may cause mold and too much dry air can cause paintings and wood to crack. Home thermostats can be imprecise, so you may want to purchase a digital thermo-hygrometer to monitor humidity and temperatures.

Keep art out of direct sunlight. Ultraviolet rays and high-wattage lighting can cause significant damage to paintings and other high-value pieces of art. To further prevent damage and fading, it’s also a good idea to rotate your collection periodically.

Don’t store art in basements or attics. Because these areas are susceptible to dramatic temperature and relative humidity changes, this is not a good location for art, especially paintings. If you must store your art, do so in a centralized room or designated dry space, keeping the artwork face-to-back in a vertical position.

Hire a professional art hanger. Objects need to be hung correctly to ensure support and reduce the chance of falling. A professional art hanger is more likely to use the proper hardware and structural supports than a general contractor would. Also, they know where not to hang the piece. For example, art should never be over a fireplace since heat, smoke, and ash can easily ruin it.

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