Restaurant Business: Decorating Mistakes to Avoid


Restaurant Business: Decorating Mistakes to AvoidAs a restaurant owner, you want to create a unique, optimal dining experience for your customer that extends from the food to the atmosphere. It is the first impression a customer gets when they arrive and it can make or break their first impression. Here are tips to create the exact ambiance you want in your restaurant, and avoid traditional pitfalls.

Bad lighting. How a room is lit can make or break a diner’s experience. There is a fine line to balance in lighting; you want to make sure it is bright enough to read the menu easily, but not so bright that the light becomes harsh and unflattering.

Seating section. Having a private room or at least an areas sectioned off for large parties is a draw for groups looking host anything from family reunions to business meetings- and it’s a great opportunity to boost your income.

Temperature. No one ever likes to keep their coat on for dinner- being cold can mar a customer’s experience. Keep the dining area set at room temperature for optimum comfort level.

Music. This of course varies on your establishment (if you own a bar it will be slightly different). But in most dining places, the music should be a complementary addition to the dining experience, not the main focus. It should barely be noticed, but fit the theme of the restaurant.

Mismatched Décor. Make your theme cohesive and unified. If the building has changed hands in the past, make sure to remove any signs that there was an establishment before you. It will provide a more unique, enjoyable eating experience for your guests.

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