Restaurant Insurance: Online Marketing Tips


Restaurant Insurance: Online Marketing TipsRestaurant Insurance: Online Marketing Tips

Everyone has an opinion. Social media has amplified consumer feedback into larger than life megaphones that can affect a restaurant’s business if not managed properly. They also can be exceptional tools to generate buzz for your establishment. This post, Restaurant Insurance: Online Marketing Tips, is brought to you by Sinclair Restaurant Insurance programs.

Social media is only a buzzword until you come up with a plan to make it work for you. Below are some tips to optimize your restaurant’s internet marketing strategies, ensuring that you get the best return for your business.

Gather intelligence. Assess your restaurant’s online presence on the internet. Are customers talking about your restaurant? Are the reviews positive? Negative? Negative feedback can be an opportunity to improve your own restaurant and convert dissatisfied customers and learn what you can improve on. Listen carefully and always respond (politely, of course). Once you’ve analyzed your current status, you have a starting point from which to develop and implement your marketing strategy.

Identify your message. Everything from Facebook and Yelp to your webpage should be a direct reflection of your restaurant’s distinct values and approach and it should be cohesive across the board. Are you a casual restaurant? Known for organic cuisine or unique cooking techniques? A visitor to any one of your social media platforms should know what your restaurant is about instantly.

Engage. Don’t make a profile for your restaurant and forget about it. A customer should never log onto your restaurants events page to find out it hasn’t been updated since 2009. Post content regularly. Publish video interviews with the restaurant’s chefs and staff to give your sites more personality. Create a dialogue with customers by responding to all their comments, negative or positive. Every interaction with your restaurant is a chance to attract new customers and build loyalty with your current ones.

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