Restaurant Study: Personalized Online Marketing Strategy Key


Restaurant Study: Personalized Online Marketing Strategy KeyA comprehensive online marketing strategy is key to generating customer engagement and business for your restaurant. But what truly matters to your customer?

According to the New National Restaurant Association and LivingSocial research, electronic marketing channels complement traditional and offline channels as part of a successful marketing mix. However, it is the personalized online messages that have the greatest impact.

“Finding the right marketing mix is crucial to success in the restaurant industry,” said James Balda, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer of the National Restaurant Association. “Our new research outlines the challenges and opportunities of both offline and online marketing to help restaurant operators find the ‘sweet spot’ for promotions by identifying what consumers respond to and how various messaging vehicles are perceived.” Below are some of the highlights of the study.

Online marketing can elevate a restaurant’s brand and attract new customers. Restaurants that use online marketing tend to be viewed by consumers as more modern and more popular.

Customized marketing messages can result in more sales. According to the survey, 87% of consumers would go to or order from a restaurant if provided with a savings offer; on the back end, 95% of restaurant operators perceive savings offers to be an effective marketing tool. Customers reported they would be more inclined to order from that restaurant again if they referenced past restaurant patronage, allowed them to make reservations, or identified them by name.

Consumers sensitive to social media and internet advertising. Customers perceive the least effective efforts to entice them to go to a restaurant include online advertisements (58%), social media (56%), and radio ads (56%). They tended to respond much better to personalized messages and exclusive offers.

Consumers overwhelmingly supported personalized media outlets as influential in their restaurant choices. These elements can be crucial in developing your restaurant’s online marketing strategy. Sinclair Risk and Financial Management has innovative insurance and risk management solutions tailored specifically to the restaurant industry. Contact us today for more information.