Technology Insurance: GoogleEDU Helps Employees Stay Ahead of Curve


Tech Trend: GoogleEDU Helps Employees Stay Ahead of CurveThe tech industry is based upon continually evolving innovation, and tech companies will stop at nothing to recruit the best and brightest.

In one of our recent posts, we discussed how many companies are recruiting students before they graduate from college. Now, they are pouring millions of dollars into educational programs and resources, to not only recruit the best and brightest, but to continually help them improve. And it starts with summer camp.

More and more parents are sending their kids to Tech camps, where computer screens and programming replace boating outings and campfire songs. ID Tech Camp, for example, specialize in teaching kids ages 7 to 18 everything from 3D modeling and animation to web design and programming in C++. Kids can enroll in sessions, learning everything from how to create computer games to game design specifically for the iPhone and iPad.

Camps are often held at college campuses across the U.S., including Standford, University of California at Los Angeles, Princeton, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The education doesn’t stop after summer camp. Google has created a learning and leadership-development program, known as GoogleEDU. Looking at learning in a unique way, the system relies on data analytics to determine the effectiveness of their teaching.

About a third of Google’s expansive workforce went through the in-house program last year. Google is constantly retooling classes, nixing ones that don’t work and readjusting strategies and focus to ensure the techniques their employees learn are applied outside of the classroom. The idea of continuing education is firmly embedded in their company culture, meant to encourage innovation, collaboration, and to foster company loyalty by investing in their employees.

The increasing emphasis on education represents the eternally mercurial nature of the tech industry- there is a constant need to continue to innovate, develop, and improve. The Technology industry faces an array of complex challenges and risks – from physical damage to reputational loss. As Technology Insurance specialists in this sector, Sinclair Risk &Financial Management can provide your firm with the experience and expertise in risk consulting, insurance solutions, and claims managementContact us today for more information.