What You Need to Know About New Haven Condo Insurance


What You Need to Know About New Haven Condo InsuranceWhat You Need to Know About New Haven Condo Insurance

Purchasing a condo is an exciting milestone. You want to protect your investment and make sure that you are insured against any unexpected events.

But condo insurance is different from a home or apartment. When you own a condo you are responsible for contents inside your home, not the condo association. A standard condo association policy typically covers the common areas. The pool, hallways, gym and outside structure of the building- in short, all of the common areas.

Make sure you review the condo association’s insurance policy. In some cases, certain parts of your condo may be covered. Some policies for example will provide coverage for fixtures within the condo if they are still in their original form.

With personal condo insurance, you can protect the actual personal value of your home. Condo insurance is available for a variety of coverages including personal property, replacement value of your primary dwelling, liability for property damage, bodily injury if someone is hurt on your property and liability for property damage.

Condo insurance is especially essential for high end condominium complexes. From the furnishings to appliances, custom finishes and personal property, the coverage required to protect your high end luxury condominium requires a more specific set of coverages than most.

At Sinclair Risk & Financial Management, our Private Client Group coverages are tailored for the specific insurance needs of New Haven, CT clients. We have access to particular markets that enable us to craft custom homeowner and auto insurance programs that reflect the true value of your property, your risk profile and your personal circumstances throughout the world. Contact us today for more information.