Why You Need Wallingford Commercial Auto Comprehensive Coverage

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Why You Need Wallingford Commercial Auto Comprehensive Coverage Wallingford Commercial Auto Insurance Benefits of Comprehensive Coverage

While not all companies may anticipate their needs for commercial auto insurance coverage, businesses do benefit from obtaining coverage protecting all company utilized transportation. Wallingford Commercial Auto Comprehensive Coverage can be particularly instrumental in protecting company assets from risks beyond collision, property damage and injury. Comprehensive coverage can help manage out of pocket costs for damage that is not the result of a collision. The deductibles are generally low for Wallingford Commercial Auto Comprehensive Coverage, which can be an added bonus for businesses looking to conserve financial resources but protect their property.

This coverage can protect businesses from a variety of hazards:

  • Windshield and glass: Windshield and window related damage is the one of the most common comprehensive coverage claims. Cracks pose a huge risk for drivers and in turn the businesses which employ them. Many states have laws prohibit driving with chipped or cracked front glass and drivers can face fines as a result.
  • Falling objects and projectiles: Falling objects can cause a lot of damage to a vehicle from breaking glass to damaging framework and mechanical components.  Damages to a company utilized vehicle caused by anything from natural to manmade threats can be protected under a Wallingford Commercial Auto Comprehensive Coverage policy.
  • Natural disaster damage: Destruction cause by the harshest weather and natural events can be covered under comprehensive auto insurance policies as well. Flooding, landslide, earthquake and even volcanic activity pose great threats to many vehicles as natural disasters can hit anywhere at any time. It is important to be prepared.
  • Animal damage: Animals can cause substantial damage should they be involved in or cause an accident. Many animals can cause structural damage to vehicle even without being part of a collision through simple curiosity or aggression, including chewed wires, scratches and dents.
  • Vandalism and theft: All vehicles are at risk of damage cause by vandalism, from a key etched scratch along the side of a vehicle to slashed tires. The necessary repairs can be expensive, new tires can cost hundreds as can new paint and parts. Theft is also a great concern for any vehicles. Comprehensive coverage can help recuperate company losses in the event of vehicle theft.

Assessing your business’s exposure to auto related risks can be challenging especially for small businesses or organizations which do not directly utilize motor vehicles for daily business functions. If the vehicle is being used for business purposes, fines and repair fees can be passed to the employer even if it is not a business owned vehicle. Company owned vehicles and non-owned vehicles utilized for a business’s benefit should be factored into any Wallingford Commercial Auto Comprehensive Coverage insurance plan.

At Sinclair Risk and Financial Management we can help identify your business’s risk exposure and create insurance policies based on your specific needs. Our Commercial Auto Insurance policies provide the best comprehensive, collision and liability coverage for any business related vehicle. Call us at (877) 602-2305 to make sure your vehicles and drivers are protected.