Road Rage – it’s Real and It’s Dangerous

Joe PintoBusiness Insurance, Commercial Auto Insurance, Risk Management, Trucking and Transportation

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) defines aggressive driving as when “an individual commits a combination of moving traffic offenses so as to endanger other persons or property.” Road rage, according to the NHTSA, emerged as a label to “describe the angry and violent behaviors at the extreme of the aggressive driving continuum.” They clarify that “aggressive driving is … Read More

The Risks of Driving for Uber or Lyft

Karen ConsiglioAuto Insurance, Commercial Auto Insurance

Uber and Lyft are ridesharing services that have quickly gained popularity. At this point, they are available in most parts of the country, especially metropolitan areas. With a few taps on your phone, you can call a driver to your location. Or, sign up through the same app to become a paid driver yourself. Many people have turned to these … Read More

Should You Buy or Lease That Car?

Jenn DwyerAuto Insurance

Cars are a big part of our culture. Many of us work in places where cars are required to get around. At some point, you’ll need to purchase a car that costs more money than you have on hand. You’ll ask yourself “Should I buy or lease that car?” People have been purchasing vehicles forever, but leasing (the practice of … Read More

Prepping Your Vehicle for Winter

Rachel WinslowAuto Insurance

As the temperature drops and the skies turn gray, natures’ animals prepare for the great hibernation that is winter. Squirrels stockpile nuts, bears fatten themselves up, birds fly south, and us humans head to the store and buy a new winter coat. For those of us with opposable thumbs, we also have to prepare other things for winter that are … Read More

Auto Insurance: Why You Need a Specialty Policy for Your Collector Car

Mary McGrathAuto Insurance

Collector cars aren’t used like typical vehicles. They’re often driven less and cared for better. They don’t commute to work, but they spend weekends parked at car shows. You need a collector car auto insurance policy that meets those specific needs. Many collectors in the United States make the mistake of insuring their collector vehicles through big-name insurance companies. This … Read More

Disruption Ahead: The Brave New World of Self-Driving Cars

Jonathan BelekAuto Insurance, Commercial Auto Insurance, Trucking and Transportation

Like it or not, self-driving cars are coming.  A rapid increase in the use of “autonomous automobiles,” as industry savants prefer to call them, is seen by many as a foregone conclusion.  Following the early lead of Google, which has been developing the concept for over six years, virtually every carmaker in the U.S. market is working on some version of … Read More

Why You Need Wallingford Commercial Auto Comprehensive Coverage

EditorAuto Insurance

Why You Need Wallingford Commercial Auto Comprehensive Coverage While not all companies may anticipate their needs for commercial auto insurance coverage, businesses do benefit from obtaining coverage protecting all company utilized transportation. Wallingford Commercial Auto Comprehensive Coverage can be particularly instrumental in protecting company assets from risks beyond collision, property damage and injury. Comprehensive coverage can help manage out of pocket costs … Read More

Wellness: The Dangers of Sitting Down

EditorBusiness Insurance

New Haven Business Insurance: Dangers of Sitting Down Many jobs increasingly require us to stay sedentary. Financial transactions that required trips to the bank can now be done wirelessly. Emails can be sent instead of walking to a coworker’s desk. While it is faster and more convenient, there’s a slight downside to the increasing number of hours spent sitting down- … Read More