3 Ways to Keep Your Employees Engaged at Work

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Employee engagement keeps the world turning when it comes to the workplace. There’s tremendous power in having a staff that actually likes each other, values involvement, and communicates well. Disengaged corporate climates remain all too prevalent in today’s workforce, however. In fact, a whopping 70% of employees surveyed by Gallup report that they are not engaged at work!

Matters of whom doesn’t get along with whom in your office may seem trivial for many business managers.  But this minutia can break down the very foundation of your company’s communication system. If not remedied, prolonged lack of engagement between coworkers can have detrimental effects that’ll make you wish you took those office quarrels more serious.

The same Gallup report which surveyed 64 organizations in the United States found that employees are 87% less likely to leave their companies than their disengaged counterparts. This statistic draws a clear correlation between turnover rates and engagement strategies.

Companies that have made healthy engagement a top priority are reported to bring in twice the annual net income than companies that fall behind. This statistic alone proves that the fight for a healthy engagement strategy is worth every leader’s time. Here are three ways to improve your organization’s engagement strategy.

Host company outings regularly

Being cooped up in the cubicle of a windowless office is a captive setting that doesn’t always result in friendships. Isolating yourself is even easier when your department doesn’t have a real reason to engage with the department across the hall. By introducing company outings on a somewhat regular basis, silos begin to break and engagement has the opportunity to manifest. These activities also make employees feel appreciated.

Make 1-on-1 meetings a priority

Team meetings are common for most businesses but 1-on-1 sessions are often overlooked. By having regular individual meeting with employees, managers can unveil what each staffer’s workload looks like, assess their performance, and most importantly, encourage engagement. Take this time to tackle their concerns and actively listen to their unique perspective. By making these meetings part of your regular workflow, you’ll find new ways to engage all of your employees.

Map out a communication system for your team

Did you know that just 40% of the workforce knows their company’s goals strategies and tactics? That means 60% are missing a major piece of the puzzle when it comes to setting the lines for communication. The chain of command and the roles of each employee should be a clearly defined process for all new hires to follow. Intentionally incorporate engagement when you create these workflows. You’ll find that these changes open up the lines for communication from the bottom up.

What measures are you taking to keep your team engaged at work?

Matt Bauer

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