Wallingford Commercial Insurance: Employees Risk Company Data

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Wallingford Commercial Insurance Employees Risk Company DataWallingford Commercial Insurance: Employees Risk Company Data

In our mobile digital world, companies are facing increasing challenges to protect their sensitive data. From financial and vendor information to private client data, the stakes to protect their information is higher than ever. Yet a company’s cyber-security and data policy is only as good as their employees, who, according to an international by Cisco, don’t always follow company procedure.

According to the study, employees cited several reasons for altering security settings on their computers. The top reason was quite simple; they wanted to visit a particular website regardless of the company’s policy. Others though the company should respect their privacy, they wouldn’t know if they breached security protocol, or assumed that other co-workers did it as well.

Sometimes, the reason is simply monetary. It is cheaper to use the company computer, smartphone or tablet that is provided for them than their own devices.

Part of the issue is education. Many employees simply do not understand the reason for security procedures in the workplace. They may think its only purpose is to curtail their own extra-curricular non-work activity. While that may be partly true, employees often don’t understand the broader risk to the company they create by accessing those sites. That is the reason why companies have stringent data protection policies about sharing company devices, information etc. By making a concerted effort to educate employees in every level and department, a company can ensure their data policy is followed.

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