Cyber Insurance is Necessary for Businesses of Any Size

Dave SinclairCyber Security


It’s National Cyber Security Awareness Month. Businesses are under ever-evolving threats of cyberattacks and data breaches. There are a lot of these incidents reported in the news, from large retail stores (Target), restaurants (Panera), credit reporting agencies (Equifax) or popular social networks (Facebook). Many incidents affecting businesses and individuals are not even reported. How do businesses large, medium and small … Read More

Simple Cyber Security Risks You May Overlook!

Jonathan BelekBusiness Insurance, Cyber Security, Risk Management


As large-scale cybersecurity attacks continue to wreak havoc, attackers are broadening their approach in order to strengthen their impact. In addition to the growth of the sheer number of attacks, they are also becoming more destructive and being utilized by other entities, such as nation-states. Aside from putting robust anti-virus and malware software on your computers, you may want to … Read More

Protecting Your Company Assets 101

John TillistrandCommercial Property Insurance, Cyber Security

Company assets

Providing employees with assets like laptops, cell phones, cameras and even cars tends to go along with growth in any organization. By necessity, business owners invest a great deal of trust into their staff to protect these belongings. If your employee loses or breaks these assets what then? Things can become a little tricky. In the absence of any pre-established … Read More

Protect Your Company from “CEO Fraud”

Matt BauerBusiness Insurance, Cyber Security

Remember the e-mails claiming you’d won the Nigerian lottery, full of misspellings and bad grammar and requesting your bank account information so funds could be wired?  These amateur e-mail scams are a thing of the past and a new, rapidly growing and sophisticated threat is targeting businesses worldwide and has already resulted in more than 7,000 companies in the U.S. … Read More

Do you have the right controls in place to help prevent a data breach?

Matt BauerBusiness Insurance, Cyber Security, Risk Management

The news on hacking, data breaches, and the state of cyber security is largely gloomy. Consider that a record number of companies dealt with significant data breaches last year and that the cost per compromised customer record keeps going up. Indeed, research by the Ponemon Institute reflects a reality of data breaches that borders on inevitability. But all hope is … Read More

Don’t get caught without kidnap and ransom insurance

Mary McGrathBusiness Insurance, Cyber Security, Homeowners Insurance, Risk Management

Once you’re above the preteen years, kidnap and ransom sounds like a rather exotic peril…something that only happens to drug kingpins on shadowy, private islands. But the threat for adults is real, especially for high net worth individuals who travel internationally. How real? Well, author Ann Auerbach spent two years chronicling kidnap and ransom cases and estimated more than 30,000 … Read More

Is it a bird, a plane or a liability?

Jonathan BelekBusiness Insurance, Commercial Auto Insurance, Commercial Property Insurance, Cyber Security, Homeowners Insurance, Risk Management

Domino’s wants to deliver your pizza with one, and your cousin had one fly over her beach wedding.   The use of drones, or unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), has exploded in recent years.  The small remote controlled planes are being flown by hobbyists to government personnel monitoring disasters and crops. The Federal Aviation Administration is finalizing its regulations for commercial … Read More

CT Hospital Insurance: Hackers Target Hospitals Most

EditorCyber Security

CT Hospital Insurance: Hackers Target Hospitals Most Malware and cyber-attacks are on the rise in nearly every industry, but researchers from Websense, a cybersecurity programming and research firm, report that hospitals above all other industry sectors are facing the most rampant increase in cybersecurity breaches and attacks. According to recent data, the rate at which hackers have been targeting and … Read More