Protecting Your Company Assets 101

John TillistrandCommercial Property Insurance, Cyber Security

Company assets

Providing employees with assets like laptops, cell phones, cameras and even cars tends to go along with growth in any organization. By necessity, business owners invest a great deal of trust into their staff to protect these belongings. If your employee loses or breaks these assets what then? Things can become a little tricky. In the absence of any pre-established … Read More

Manufacturers: Are you insuring your building and property correctly?

Jonathan BelekBusiness Insurance, Commercial Property Insurance, Manufacturing, Risk Management

Would you insure your house for $500,000 when you only paid $200,000 for it? Of course not. Here’s another question. Say that the house you purchased for $200,000 burns to the ground. Would you expect your insurance policy to cover the replacement cost of your house based on the $500,000 coverage you were paying for? Of course not. It all … Read More

Is it a bird, a plane or a liability?

Jonathan BelekBusiness Insurance, Commercial Auto Insurance, Commercial Property Insurance, Cyber Security, Homeowners Insurance, Risk Management

Domino’s wants to deliver your pizza with one, and your cousin had one fly over her beach wedding.   The use of drones, or unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), has exploded in recent years.  The small remote controlled planes are being flown by hobbyists to government personnel monitoring disasters and crops. The Federal Aviation Administration is finalizing its regulations for commercial … Read More

Contractor’s Errors & Omissions – Time to take a serious look.

Jonathan BelekBusiness Insurance, Commercial Property Insurance, Construction, Risk Management

We live in a very litigious society – lawsuits are not only common but they are now becoming a part of business day to day life.  Most contractors understand the need for standard liability insurance – the majority of jobs require a certification stating that ample coverage is in place. But,  are you aware that your standard liability coverage will … Read More

The Cleveland Browns and Sinclair Risk: Why being different is a good thing.

Matt BauerBusiness Insurance, Commercial Property Insurance, Employee Benefits, Risk Management

The Cleveland Browns debuted new uniforms last month, and they are quite eye-catching, especially given what came before. Fans long familiar with jerseys featuring tiny, barely readable “Browns” now see “CLEVELAND” screaming in big letters across the front. The uniforms can consist of multiple color combos of orange, brown, and white, the day’s variety depending on…owner Jimmy Haslam’s mood? But, … Read More

Hartford Commercial Property Insurance: Withstanding Harsh Weather

EditorCommercial Property Insurance

Hartford Commercial Property Insurance: Withstanding Harsh Weather  Recent flooding and storms throughout the Northeast are posing severe threats to commercial property owners and managers. Hartford businesses are no stranger to the constant threat of winter storm induced flooding and the summer wildfires that can ensue as the weather warms. Natural events pose many threats to commercial property holdings ranging from … Read More