Supply Chain Management – How to Keep Your Business Running if a Supplier is Impacted by a Natural Disaster

Joe PintoManufacturing

As a forward-looking business, your supply chain is vital. You rely on your suppliers to provide high-quality materials, products, and services so you can serve your customers. Your suppliers give you the ability to run an efficient operation so you can sell to businesses and individuals. So what happens when your supply chain breaks? There are all sorts of natural … Read More

Can Manufacturing Overcome the Widening Skills Gap?

Jonathan BelekBusiness Insurance, Employee Benefits, Manufacturing

Manufacturing has always correlated with rapid economic growth. Time and time again we’ve seen manufacturing businesses create jobs and elevate a community’s standard of living. The development of a factory is the saving grace of poor communities all over the world. The International Monetary Fund and U.S. government projections expect our manufacturing sector to grow by 3 or 4 percent … Read More

Manufacturers: Are you insuring your building and property correctly?

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Would you insure your house for $500,000 when you only paid $200,000 for it? Of course not. Here’s another question. Say that the house you purchased for $200,000 burns to the ground. Would you expect your insurance policy to cover the replacement cost of your house based on the $500,000 coverage you were paying for? Of course not. It all … Read More

In 2016 OSHA fines may be going up, way up

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Buried in the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015 is a provision that would bring a startling increase to Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) fines. Unchanged since 1990 and not indexed to inflation, OSHA fines are set to jump nearly 80% next year, with increases indexed to inflation after 2016. The Federal Civil Penalties Inflation Adjustment Act of 1990 tied … Read More

Connecticut Food Manufacturing Insurance: Food Borne Illness Liability


Connecticut Food Manufacturing Insurance: Food Borne Illness Liability A recent report in Food Manufacturing shows that 200 people who dined at a popular Las Vegas restaurant reported food poisoning symptoms. The outbreak is the largest southern Nevada health officials have seen in at least a decade. Officials estimated there were likely many more cases that were unreported. The consequences were … Read More

Connecticut Business Insurance: Commercial Continuation Plans

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Connecticut Business Insurance: Commercial Continuation Plans Hurricane Sandy was devastating. As part of the recovery effort, it is imperative that business owners take the time to improve their businesses now to better protect their safety and mitigate risk in the future. The Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety recently had several recommendations for how to protect against future extreme … Read More

Aviation News: Boeing Boosts 777 Production


Aviation News: Boeing Boosts 777 Production Boeing recently ramped up the production rates for their 777, setting the fastest rate for a wide-body aircraft. According to Aviation Week, a Korean Air Boeing 777F became the first airframe last week to go through the 777 final assembly line in Everett Washington since the production rate was increased. Previous production rates were … Read More

United States Still Holds Manufacturing Sway


United States Still Holds Manufacturing Sway It’s been said that American manufacturing is on the decline. But, that’s not true for certain industries according to the Wall Street Journal. The United States remains a global leader in manufacturing some of the world’s biggest products. Caterpillar inc, makes it’s large mining trucks in Illinois, despite the face that most of them … Read More

Manufacturing: What is Crowdfunding?


Manufacturing: What is Crowdfunding? The idea of crowdfunding is simple. Large groups of people contribute small amounts of money for a project. Yet, this simple idea is fast taking hold of the business world, and could change the face of manufacturing. Take Kickstarter for example. An online phenomenon, Kickstarter is a venture capital site that helps inventors, artists, designers, etc, … Read More

How Your Manufacturing Business Can Go Green


How Your Manufacturing Business Can Go Green In the beginning of the  “Green” campaign it seemed like liberal politicians and a minuscule amount of concerned citizens were the only ones pushing for change. However, that is no longer the case. People started to become concerned about the environment and have taken the initiative to decrease their carbon footprint. Most industries followed and … Read More