Connecticut Food Manufacturing Insurance: Food Borne Illness Liability


Connecticut Food Manufacturing Insurance Food Borne Illness LiabilityConnecticut Food Manufacturing Insurance: Food Borne Illness Liability

A recent report in Food Manufacturing shows that 200 people who dined at a popular Las Vegas restaurant reported food poisoning symptoms. The outbreak is the largest southern Nevada health officials have seen in at least a decade. Officials estimated there were likely many more cases that were unreported.

The consequences were severe for the restaurant. It has been closed since April 26. Inspectors hit the restaurant with 44 demerits, such as storing food at improper temperatures and employees handling food without gloves. The owner is looking to reopen at a different site and hired a food safety consultant to implement the district’s recommendations.

It can be difficult to pinpoint the exact source of food borne illness. Sometimes it can be employee haste, failing to follow hygiene protocol or correct food preparation practices during rush times, or a particular menu or ingredient.

Experience a large scale food borne illness like this is a restaurant owner’s nightmare. But it can happen to any restaurant or food manufacturer. The restaurant was one of the highest rated restaurants in Las Vegas, with a 4 ½ out of a five-star scale on Yelp and had over 1,300 reviews.

In events like this, having the right insurance coverage is crucial. A minor kitchen fire could cause a restaurant to shut down. Food contamination could ruin a brand’s reputation and send them spiraling into long legal battles. The restaurant and food industry is a highly competitive sector with unique coverages- their insurance coverage should reflect that.

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