CT Trucking Insurance: Can Technology Improve Fleet Operations? Part 2

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CT Trucking Insurance: Can Technology Improve Fleet Operations? Part 2 CT Trucking Insurance Can Technology Improve Fleet Operations Part 2

As we previously mentioned, the integration of new technologies has helped commercial fleet owners monitor their vehicles and drivers, but the question remains, are these efforts actually improving industry efficiency and safety? The answer in most cases is yes.

Fleet owners and industry members report that GPS monitoring and electronic logging devices (ELDs) have been extremely helpful in obtaining useful day to day data about their operations. These technologies are particularly useful because they collect data about travel as well as vehicles operations. There are many platforms which track how far each truck traveled, during which hours, at what speeds, using which routs. All of this information can then be analyzed to improve logistics strategies and adjust business practices and policies to help maximize efficiency. Fleet owners can monitor whether or not drivers are maximizing their fuel usage and time wisely and even identify drivers who may be operating the vehicles improperly or erratically.

Furthermore, vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication’s technologies are creating safer road conditions and help to avoid accidents and collisions, which in turn cut down losses and liability exposures for business owners. V2V technology has been so impactful, that the U.S. Transportation Department recently began drafting policies which would require automakers to outfit all future vehicles, commercial and consumer, with vehicle-to-vehicle communication and driver alert systems. Proponents of the technology assert that V2V and other crash avoidance technology can help save more thousands of lives a year and millions of dollars in property damage and losses. Researchers have found that the use of crash avoidance technologies can be expected to help prevent some 600,000 accidents.

While technology can be a huge asset to the Connecticut trucking industry and commercial fleet owners, even the best monitoring and safety precautions cannot always prevent occasional accidents and losses. At Sinclair Risk and Financial Management, we understand the complexity of the Connecticut trucking industry and specialize in helping fleet owners protect their operation and assets. Our CT trucking insurance programs are tailored to the unique niche needs of trucking operations. Our policies and plans are fully customizable and offer the flexibility your operations needs now and as you continue to grow and adapt in the future. To learn more about our CT trucking insurance programs, or any of our commercial offerings, give us a call today at (877) 602-2305.