Employee Benefits: Health Perception Vs. Reality

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Employee Benefits Health Perception Vs. RealityEmployee Benefits Health Perception Vs. Reality

A new survey indicates that many American workers and their families have inaccurate perceptions about their weight, health condition, and how much their healthcare actually costs, according to Employee Benefit News.

Over 2,800 employees and their dependents were asked question about their thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors regarding health and wellness. Eighty-seven percent of respondents reported being in good health. However, half of those who reported being in good health (53%) had a body mass index that would fall in the overweight or obese categories. Only 23 percent believed they were overweight, compared to an actual value of 34 percent.

This staggering gap between reality and perception can have a significant impact on a company’s healthcare costs. It has long been agreed that preventative methods, such as regular exercise and maintaining a healthy diet, can lower an individual’s risk of disease and improve their overall well-being. They are less likely to miss work due to illness, and their overall health costs are likely to be lower.

In the survey’s analysis, the total healthcare costs per employee were $10,522 last year, according to the survey. Employers paid approximately $8,318 of that. However, when asked how much of the bill their employer assumed, employees guess about half the amount.

This is where employers come in. Part of the challenge in offering healthcare and wellness services is engaging employees to ensure they utilize the resources available. Offering tools and resources to employees to give them a realistic picture of their health has benefits both for themselves and the company.

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