Millennials Challenge Human Resources

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Millennials Challenge Human ResourcesMILLENNIALS Challenge Human Resources

Millennials have entered the workplace. The first generation to come of age in the new millennium, they come on a wave of technology upheaval, and with a new constantly changing landscape of social media sites. But as with each generation, their unique experiences and perspectives will alter the workplace and challenge the HR industry to adapt with them.

Pew Research Center broke down an analysis of millennials. They are confident, self-expressive, liberal, and open to change. They are set to be the most educated generation in American history, despite economic setbacks in finding jobs. The study suggests that they are self-centered, unmotivated, disrespectful, and disloyal. In the workplace, they enter new jobs feeling entitled and that their opinions should be heard.

They have also grown up in the social media revolution. Over 75 percent have a social media profile, and one in five have posted a video of themselves online. As a result they have become extremely versatile. They are able to adopt and utilize new technologies quickly. Change comes easier to them.

Millennials don’t have the traditional loyalty to their jobs or careers that previous generations do. Where as baby boomers typically stay at a job for years, millennials are likely to change jobs and even careers several times over their lifetime. They aren’t loyal to a job, and don’t hold the same 60 hour a week work ethic, instead valuing a work-life balance.

This sense of entitlement comes as a grating disrespect towards baby boomers. Because of their more transient lifestyles, millennials are entering the workforce with different expectations than older generations. Work-life balance is important. millennials expect a healthy balance or work and personal life. They have confidence in their ideas and expect to be heard. This can be grating to baby boomers who value long work weeks and “paying your dues.”

Integrating millennials into the workforce will be a challenge. HR professionals will have to address communication difficulties between generational workers, adapt to millennials desire for work-life balance, and fine new creative combinations of benefits and resources to find and retain employees.

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