Smart New Year’s Resolutions for Your Business: Employee Safety & Wellness

Matt BauerEmployee Benefits, Human Resources, Risk Management

Smart New Year’s resolutions for businesses in 2020

The New Year calls for a fresh start, prompting many to think about New Year’s resolutions to help them address areas in which they can do better. We think this is a great idea for businesses as well. For 2020, we suggest some smart New Year’s resolutions to enhance your safety and wellness initiatives. Not only will this benefit your employees, but your bottom line as well, thanks to reduced absenteeism and workers’ compensation claims.

Resolution 1: Manage Risks

When you manage your risks, you protect your employees and increase your profitability due to fewer claims. A few of our many services that can help include:

  • Onsite inspections and process reviews
  • Ongoing risk reviews and claims management
  • EPA, DOT and OSHA regulations support

Resolution 2: Improve Training

Effective training gives your employees the tools and knowledge they need to perform their jobs safely and effectively. We partner with businesses across many industries—including health care, construction, manufacturing, trucking and more—to deliver the training they need. We’ll customize a training program for your company from among dozens of options including:

  • Defensive driving
  • Back injury prevention
  • Materials handling
  • Hazard communications

Resolution 3: Enhance Wellness

A happy, healthy team is more productive, and a more productive team results in a more prosperous company. We can create a customized employee benefits program for your business, with services including:

  • Group medical coverage solutions
  • Ancillary benefits including dental and vision plans, life insurance and disability plans
  • Wellness programs ranging from personal consultation to communications and online health risk assessments
  • Stress management

Wrap Up Your New Year’s Resolutions

Whatever your business resolutions for the coming year, we can help you wrap them up with a comprehensive menu of solutions for insurance, risk management, human resources support, employee benefits, workers’ compensation and much more. Contact us to set up an appointment.