High blood pressure — A hidden danger for your truck drivers

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If you’re running a logistics business or division, you know how important it is to have reliable and healthy truck drivers. Although most health conditions are easy to diagnose and treat, there’s one in particular that’s tricky to spot — High blood pressure. That’s because high blood pressure (also known as hypertension) often doesn’t show any symptoms, and that’s a … Read More

Health Insurance and Large Groups — Understand How Your Premiums Are Calculated

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As an employer, one of the most valuable benefits you can offer to your employees is health insurance. For larger groups of 51 employees or more, you’ll likely have group health insurance coverage. This is a policy you’ll typically purchase from a broker (so you get the best deal) that you can then offer to all of your eligible employees. … Read More

Making Healthcare Hit Home — How to Explain Group Benefits to Your Employees

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Group Benefits are both the most important and the most valued benefit provided by employers. American workers regularly cite healthcare as one of the main factors affecting their employment decisions – good or bad. A good group plan provides your people with peace of mind and helps them be happier and more confident in life and work.  In the end, … Read More

Is CT Long-Term Care Part of Your Retirement Plan?


Is CT Long-Term Care Part of Your Retirement Plan? Connecticut long-term care, like life insurance, is a sensitive subject for many Connecticut residents. While no one wants to think about the onset of a severe disease or ailment, there is a strong likelihood that Connecticut residents will face some kind of health complication, which could result in the need for … Read More

Employee Benefits: Health Perception Vs. Reality

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Employee Benefits Health Perception Vs. Reality A new survey indicates that many American workers and their families have inaccurate perceptions about their weight, health condition, and how much their healthcare actually costs, according to Employee Benefit News. Over 2,800 employees and their dependents were asked question about their thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors regarding health and wellness. Eighty-seven percent of respondents reported being … Read More

Employee Benefits: Benefits of a Healthy Workplace

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Employee Benefits: Benefits of a Healthy Workplace There is a flurry of activity regarding our health. Between the healthcare reforms, obesity crisis, fast food availability, there are thousands of articles, experts, and institutions all discussing healthcare, our health, and what can be done to improve it. But what exactly are the benefits of maintaining a healthy workplace? The cost of … Read More

Health Insurance Exchange Becomes Federal Responsibility

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Health Insurance Exchange Becomes Federal Responsibility Health insurance exchanges were originally meant to be set up by each individual state. However with many states resisting the creation of exchanges, the job has fallen to federal officials. “We realize that not all states will be ready to establish these exchanges by 2014, so we are setting up a federally facilitated exchange … Read More

Employee Wellness: A Prescription for Fruits and Veggies

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Employee Wellness: A Prescription for Fruits and Veggies With bad cholesterol, depression, high blood pressure, and obesity all steadily threatening America’s well-being, some healthcare professionals are trying a new, simpler prescription- eat your fruits and vegetables by starting Employee Wellness Programs. In a partnership between health care providers and farmers market partners, the Fruit and Vegetable Prescription Program (FVRx) provides … Read More

Health & Wellness: Dangers of Sitting at Your Desk

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12 hour workdays behind the desk can do more than strain your eyesight and heighten stress levels. Multiple studies, from the American Cancer Society and others all found that a sedentary desk job (i.e. what a growing portion of American workers have) is linked to back pain, repetitive stress injuries, obesity, and even increased risk of diabetes and heart disease. … Read More