Fundamentals of Retirement Planning

Robert AlbretsonRisk Management

It would seem that high net worth individuals would need to worry and plan less for retirement than those with fewer assets.  However, properly planning for retirement is not specific to an income group and individuals at all levels face the same challenge, which is having enough income to meet their needs and desires and maintain their lifestyle for an … Read More

First step of retirement planning? Figure out your goals

Matt BauerRisk Management

Are you ready for retirement? There are a lot of calculators out there, from simple to complex, that claim to help you figure that out by crunching your numbers and spitting some back at you. Knowing the numbers can be helpful to give you a basic idea of where you stand. (FYI, we like this calculator from Bankrate.) But numbers … Read More

Help your employees get the most out of their benefits

Matt BauerEmployee Benefits, Human Resources

Smart business owners know that to attract and retain quality employees, they must provide a congenial working environment where employees can find opportunity for growth, success, and professional satisfaction. Happy, healthy, productive employees make a business stronger and translate into profits and organizational success. Obviously, base compensation is a key recruitment and retention tool and must be competitive, but owners … Read More

Is CT Long-Term Care Part of Your Retirement Plan?

EditorRisk Management

Is CT Long-Term Care Part of Your Retirement Plan? Connecticut long-term care, like life insurance, is a sensitive subject for many Connecticut residents. While no one wants to think about the onset of a severe disease or ailment, there is a strong likelihood that Connecticut residents will face some kind of health complication, which could result in the need for … Read More

Wallingford Financial Planning: Evaluating the American Dream


Wallingford Financial Planning: Evaluating the American Dream  As part of a larger investigation on the state of the American Dream, CNN Money released the results of a poll which asked the public to reflect on the attainability of the American Dream. Not surprisingly, over half of the population believes that they will never fully attain the quintessential American Dream, with … Read More