Building America: National Construction Appreciation Week

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National Construction Appreciation Week

It’s impossible to look anywhere without seeing the impact the construction industry has had on our country and our way of life. From homes and roads to every aspect of our infrastructure, we count on construction to keep us growing strong. Let’s pause during National Construction Appreciation Week and celebrate the tireless efforts of the hardworking men and women who make building their business.

The field of construction is incredibly broad, including carpenters and builders, electricians, HVAC specialists, plumbers, engineers, pavers, excavators, contractors and beyond. I Build America founded National Construction Appreciation Week last year to recognize the value workers bring to our modern way of life and promote careers in this high-growth industry.

Supporting Our Builders

Construction is one of the primary and most labor-intensive industries we support.  We  offer comprehensive, customized solutions for workers’ compensation, risk management, general liability insurance, commercial auto insurance, builders risk insurance, umbrella insurance and surety bonding. Given how many variables exist with regard to potential errors, property damage or injuries, and given how expensive a lawsuit would be if a construction professional or company is charged with any of the aforementioned, it’s important to work with a company that understands and can properly protect against these risks.

Our risk management and loss control services include a depth of general and specialized construction safety training such as forklift, excavation, scaffolding, asbestos and lead safety training, state and federal OSHA training, in addition to onsite inspections and EPA and DOT regulations support.

We have the support construction companies need to keep building. Learn more about how we can support you. Contact us today.