You’ve Hired Someone with a Questionable Record: What’s Next?

Shannon HudspethEmployee Benefits, Human Resources, Risk Management

As a hiring manager, you know how difficult it can be to find the perfect candidate. In unsteady economic times like these, thousands of people can reply to the same job ad. It’s your duty to comb through them to find the best candidate for the position. However, all those phone calls to verify employment and forms to request database … Read More

How High-Net-Worth Individuals Can Protect Their Assets from Lawsuits

Rachel WinslowHomeowners Insurance, Risk Management

High-net-worth individuals face a greater risk of being sued, especially when unemployment is high and economic growth is tenuous. According to a survey by ACE Private Risk Services, 80% of households with $5 million or more in assets believe their wealth makes them a target for lawsuits. These are real fears. Under the doctrine of joint and several liability, any … Read More

The Advantages and Disadvantages of a Private Pay Division

Heather SinclairBusiness Insurance, Risk Management

Every day, countless patients are cared for by private nursing divisions of healthcare organizations. The National Association for Home Care estimates this is a $40 billion market. These healthcare providers handle anything a patient needs. They assist with feeding and hygiene, transporting patients to appointments, wounds and injury care, medication organization and distribution, equipment maintenance, and countless other tasks. These … Read More

Screening, Managing and Terminating Your Healthcare Organization’s Volunteers

Heather SinclairRisk Management

Millions of volunteers donate their time and sweat to healthcare organizations every year, fueled by their desire to support their communities. Whether they’re changing bedpans, entertaining kids, delivering meals, or providing disaster aide, volunteers are an important part of the healthcare industry. Unfortunately, however, there are cases of volunteers causing harm due to malice or negligence. Healthcare organizations are challenged … Read More

The Key to Controlling your Workers’ Compensation Costs

Jonathan BelekBusiness Insurance, Risk Management, Workers Compensation

The key to controlling your workers’ compensation costs is understanding your experience modification factor and its effect on your insurance premium. Workers’ compensation costs can make or break your bottom line. But control over these costs is more attainable than you may think if you understand your experience modification factor and its effect on your insurance premium. Use Your Mod … Read More

Home Healthcare Safety Hazards That May Leave You Liable

Heather SinclairBusiness Insurance, Risk Management, Workers Compensation

Home healthcare workers are an essential component of the healthcare industry. They provide essential long-term service to patients who are unable to care for themselves. However, the healthcare worker and his/her employer have little control over the working environment, which means the following safety hazards are quite common. 1. Patient handling and lifting – This is one of the leading … Read More

Does a Healthcare Agency Need Marketing and Sales Teams?

Heather SinclairBusiness Insurance, Risk Management

Marketing is changing every day. Once, patients would choose their healthcare provider by location. Whichever clinic, hospital, doctor’s office or nursing home was closest was the one that got their business. But tools like Google, YELP, Facebook and numerous health care agency review websites allow patients to quickly compare services, medical staff credentials, and comments from former patients. The Pew Research Center … Read More

11 Smart Financial Moves You Have to Make

Robert AlbretsonRisk Management

According to a survey, 61% of Americans couldn’t handle a sudden $500 bill. Too many of us are living paycheck-to-paycheck and not worrying about retirement. Planning your finances isn’t something you can put off for another day. The sooner you create a strong financial plan, the more money you’ll enjoy in retirement. 1. Understand your financial situation – It’s … Read More

Fundamentals of Retirement Planning

Robert AlbretsonRisk Management

It would seem that high net worth individuals would need to worry and plan less for retirement than those with fewer assets.  However, properly planning for retirement is not specific to an income group and individuals at all levels face the same challenge, which is having enough income to meet their needs and desires and maintain their lifestyle for an … Read More

Saving for College: 5 Tips for Parents

Robert AlbretsonRisk Management

Skyrocketing college tuition costs and rising prices for higher education necessities like textbooks present a challenge for families who are trying to save enough money for their child’s college education. According to College Board’s “Trends in College Pricing 2015,” the published tuition and fee price of a full-time year at a public four-year institution is 40% higher in 2016 than … Read More