Healthcare Industry Risk Management: Are We Adapting to Telemedicine?

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Healthcare Industry Risk Management: Are We Adapting to Telemedicine?Healthcare Industry Risk Management Are We Adapting to Telemedicine

According to industry analysts, telemedicine has the potential to deliver more than $6 billion a year in healthcare savings to U.S. businesses, yet healthcare providers seem somewhat reluctant to adopted telemedicine into their practices. In their recently released poll, the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) conducted an inquiry into the state of the healthcare industry, particularly targeting the growing incorporation of telemedicine technologies.  According to the poll conducted by HIMSS Analytics, nearly half of healthcare organizations report some utilization of telemedicine technology through the course of their practice. Some operations report combining as many as four different techniques and technologies to enable remote medical care.

The study found that some 46 percent of respondents deploy up to four telemedicine technologies within their organization. The most widely used and most commonly considered technologies are two-way video/webcam. Nearly 58 percent of current telemedicine providers integrate two-way video component into their practices, and 67 percent of those looking to invest in telemedicine report their interest in video communication technology.

The 2014 U.S. Telemedicine Study polled both hospitals and physician practices to gain a more clear understanding of where the industry stands in relation to offering remote healthcare through digital technology. Telemedicine has become a key component of HIMSS Analytics’ campaign to analyses the healthcare industry and its ability to facilitate cooperative care. The non-profit group tracks how well organizations are able to communicate, collaborate, exchange data and coordinate patient care. Their report on the findings of the study seek understand how and why providers are adopting telemedicine tools. The HIMSS is seeking to identify the product wants and needs of healthcare providers, as well as their timeline and investment strategies to adopt telemedicine over the next two years.

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